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November 3, 2020


Students face so many obstacles once they come into the public school system. They face so much competition from Private Schools, Charter Schools, Learning Centers, and we can go on and on.  Students don't have the privilege go to some of these schools.  But they should be able to have the same education.  And yet, they do not.  Hayward Public schools have so many flaws, but they can be fixed.   The Hayward Community deserves to have a fantastic public school system. A public school system that can compete with the rest of the schools.  We all know that the Coronavirus Pandemic has jeopardized their learning capacity.  Our children have lost the opportunity to learn due to the social distancing.  This is when we need to stand up, be vocal, and demand tutors. Tutors can be students from our local Chabot College.  There are so many college students with a great grade point average who need the extra money to pay their college tuition.  We can implement a stipend system, where we can hire college students with good GPA's to tutor our children.  Both our children and the College students benefit from this stipend system.  The whole of the Hayward Community benefits from this stipend system.  We need to rise our children's education to a more successful standard.