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Being a Single Mother of two young Daughters has been one of the most difficult but rewarding experiences of my life.  I love being a Mother and ever since my Daughter began Transitional Kindergarten, I have been involved in her education. This is what has prompted me to become so vocal and involved in the  educational system. I am very passionate in not only my Daughters education, but in all students education. This is why it has become my passion to help resolve issues within the Educational System, and, I will always stand with Transparency and Dialogue.

  • We all know that distance learning has created challenges within the educational system, especially when it comes to Special Education, Foster Youth, Homeless and Unaccompanied Minors. It is important that we implement a plan so that these children and youth do not fall farther behind. When we finally return to school it is going to imperative that we work extra hard so these students get the education and opportunities they desperately deserve. As your future board member I will make it my mission to give our Special Education, Foster Youth, Homeless and Unaccompanied Minors the attention they deserve. 

  • We all know, that we need to protect our students and staff, and any other person entering a school. This is why I believe we need to establish a safe school community with proper security in place.  Students, Parents, Teachers, and all-school staff members should feel safe when going to school.   Students should have a safe and welcoming environment to learn.  Students should only worry about one thing, and that is learning.  Most of all, safety should be a right.  Safety should not come at a cost to Students.  This is where new and exciting ways of safety should be implemented no matter how early you arrive or how late you leave school.     

  • Now more than ever we need to be heard as Parents and Students on all sides of the educational system. We all understand the difficulties that the current pandemic situation has caused for parents and students. I believe that it is more crucial than ever that we have a system in place that allows parents and students to work closely with the school faculty especially their teachers. As a school board member I will fight to open the line of communication between parents, students and the school so no students fall behind.  



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Committed To Change

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